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How to Obtain the Rising Talent Badge on Upwork

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Freelancers on Upwork face tough competition, especially when they're just starting out. I mean, how the hell are you supposed to get a job when 30 other people are applying, and for half the price? It seems like a dead end.

However, there's a way to stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of winning quality projects: the Rising Talent badge. In this blog post, I will walk you through the process of obtaining this valuable badge and enhance your profile visibility on Upwork.

1. Start Strong with a Complete Profile

To earn the Rising Talent badge, it's crucial to create a professional and comprehensive Upwork profile. Highlight your skills, experience, and expertise relevant to your chosen field. Be sure to include a clear and friendly profile picture to establish a personal connection with potential clients. And please make sure this picture looks professional. Nobody wants to see the look on your face after you've downed 8 pints of beer and demolished a burrito. Clients want professionals. It is important to appear professional.

2. Maintain a High Job Success Score

If you do finally manage to get some work, the effort doesn't end there. Now it's time to build your reputation. Job Success Score (JSS) is an essential metric on Upwork. To achieve a Rising Talent badge, aim for a JSS above 90%. This score is calculated based on various factors, such as client satisfaction, feedback, and completed projects. Consistently delivering high-quality work and maintaining positive client relationships will help increase your JSS.

3. Submit Quality Proposals:

Crafting strong and personalized proposals is crucial to landing projects on Upwork. Be sure to thoroughly read and understand client requirements before submitting a proposal. Tailor your proposals by highlighting your relevant skills and experience, and explain how you can meet the client's needs. Show enthusiasm, professionalism, and attention to detail to increase your chances of acceptance.

4. Build a Strong Portfolio:

I probably sound like a broken record with this step but it is so important. Creating a portfolio showcases your past work and helps potential clients understand your capabilities better. Include samples of your best projects, highlighting various skills you possess. Ensure that your portfolio is well-organized and visually appealing, presenting your work in the best possible light. If you don't have any footage to edit, visit a stock footage website and download some clips so that you can put something together to advertise your talents.

5. Get Positive Client Reviews:

This may seem like an obvious one. Obviously, don't get bad reviews, right? Well. you would be surprised how many freelancers drop the ball once they know they are going to get paid anyway. Client reviews are vital for establishing credibility on Upwork. Providing exceptional customer service and delivering high-quality work consistently will lead to positive feedback. Ask satisfied clients to leave a review after successfully completing a project. Positive reviews contribute significantly to your Job Success Score and increase your chances of earning the Rising Talent badge.

6. Be Professional and Responsive:

Promptly respond to client inquiries, even if you don't think you're a perfect fit for the project. Professionalism and good communication skills are valued by clients. Consistently demonstrating these qualities can help attract more job opportunities and improve your reputation on Upwork. At his stage, it could also be beneficial to take a job offer even if you think it is below your pay grade. Remember, we are working towards the Rising Talent Badge, so in order to build credibility you may have to work some tough gigs at the start.


Earning the Rising Talent badge on Upwork requires dedication and perseverance. By building a strong profile, maintaining a high Job Success Score, showcasing your skills, and providing excellent customer service, you'll increase your chances of earning this valuable badge. Remember, obtaining the Rising Talent badge is just the beginning of your journey towards success as a freelancer on Upwork. Keep refining your skills, improving client relationships, and delivering exceptional work to achieve your career goals. Best of luck!

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